Linksys 32 System Control and Image Capture Software

Linkam has developed a series of temperature control and image capture packages compatible with Windows Operating Systems (from Windows XP upward, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).

The Linksys 32 software displays the live temperature, active ramp information including feedback from various installed linkam stage specific sensors such as force, pressure, XY position motors, DSC counts and gas concentration.  The software enables you to have full control of the rate of heating, limit and hold time and image capture of up to 100 ramps within the temperature profile.


The software recognizes which stage is connected, automatically limiting the temperature control parameters specific to that stage and opening the relevant operation windows. (such as XY motor controls, Vacuum pressure control to mention a few),

The software is supplied as a full set of 'Active X' controls so that it can be used either as a standalone suite of temperature controls, or you can import them into third party software such as Labview or an image analysis package such as Zeiss Axiovision or Media Cybernetics Image Pro.

Linksys 32 controls all of our systems and can be upgraded with a digital image capture option called Linksys 32 DV.  The DV option is compatible with most of the Q-Imaging range of digital cameras.

The T95 series of controllers are firmware flash upgradable to ensure compatibility with future versions of the Linksys software.

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