TST350 Application notes

Reversible Lamellar Thickening of Poly(butylene succinate)

Institutes in China were looking at the tensile properties of biodegradable plastics for using the Linkam TST350.

Essential Work of Fracture (EWF) Testing

National Chemical Laboratory in India study tensile properties of thin films using the Linkam TST350 Tensile Stage. 

Fragmentation Test Method For Adhesion Analysis Of Coatings In Situ In A Microscope

Thin film testing using the TST350 Tensile stage.

Effect of Temperature on Adhesion of Transparent Thin Film Electrodes on Polymers

More thin film testing using the TST350 Tensile stage.

In-situ WAX/SAX investigations on Polyvinylidene fluoride

Investigations on the deformation and alpha, beta transformation of uniaxial stretched PVDF.

Advanced materials to address the growing burden of eye healthcare in the ageing population

The University of Liverpool use a Linkam tensile stage to assist with the development of new materials that address eye healthcare in the ageing population. 

open access papers

Intrinsic mechanical behavior of femoral cortical bone in young, osteoporotic and bisphosphonante-treated individuals in low and high energy fracture conditions (Zimmerman et al., 2016)

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